You don't need to sell all your stuff and jump on an airplane to find out what it's like to live or travel in Asia! Join the oddly and aptly named Big and White, two expat ladies who have already taken the plunge, as they chat about the joys and sorrows of moving to Nepal and sticking out like a sore thumb. Whether it's discussing the finer points of driving in Kathmandu traffic, chatting about stomach parasites, or reminiscing about the time they accidentally asked for placenta instead of salt, you're guaranteed to learn something from Big and White: Life as a Foreigner in Nepal.

About the Podcast

In 2018, in a village in rural Nepal, two American field linguists said one to another, "Wait, are we actually going to do this? Are we going to start a podcast?" 

Thus Big and White: Life as a Foreigner in Nepal was born. 

The purpose of Big and White has always been simple: create a podcast that is lighthearted and fun, all while discussing the serious business of the incredible but sometimes challenging expat lifestyle. Along the way, the hosts, who go by the pseudonyms "Big" and "White," share tips and tricks for trekking in Nepal, how to navigate the Kathmandu airport for the first time, learning a second language successfully, and some lessons that they have learned from their years living and working as linguists in Nepal. 

Long, long ago, in a village in Nepal, a podcast was born...

You can learn more about the hosts here and find recent episodes here.